Three Checkerboards


Three unusual 19th and 20Th century checkerboards, One English one Welsh and one American board. The English board cleverly stained to look like mahogany the Welsh board is reverse painted on glass and the American board is coloured naively in ink on the back of a fruit box and date wise ties in with the great depression of the early 20th century.

we have priced the boards as a group or prices and sizes individually.

  1. English Checkerboard size : 32cm x 32cm price £145.00
  2. The Welsh Checkerboard Glass :36cm x 36cm price £145.00
  3. The American ink Checkerboard 32cm x 25cm price £225.00
H: 36cm (14in) | W: 36cm (14in) | D: 3cm (1in)

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