A Rare Victorian Taxidermy Study Of Himalayan Impeyan Pheasants.


Spectacular 19th century cased taxidermy study of a female and two male Himalayan Impeyan or Monal Pheasant. (LOPHOPHORUS IMPEJANUS) set in a fantastic golden oak  glazed case with naturalistic foliage. sadly theres is no taxidermist label on the study but very much in the manner of Peter Spicer.

Condition : The Cabinet and birds are in A1 condition

Monal / Impeyan Pheasant is native to the Himalayan forests and scrublands at elevation of 2,100-4,500 Meters Its also the National bird of Nepal.

Description Adult Male : Head and long cast of spatulate feathers brilliant metallic green ; a patch of deep metallic purple behind the ear-coverts ; the lores and streak behind the eye nearly bare; side of the neck and nape fiery copper-bronze changing gradually into bronze-green on the upper back, innermost secondaries and rump purple, not quite so lustrous as the upper back and with the innermost secondaries tipped metallic blue-green ; shoulder of the wing and coverts furthest from back the same colour as head.

Provenance : On request.


H: 61cm (24in) | W: 126cm (50in) | D: 29cm (11in)

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