A Collection Of Welsh Folk Art Door Stops.


Amazing collection of carved Welsh folk art slate door stops and miniature furniture, most of the pieces have circular decoration, the circled dot known as circumpunct or circle with a point at its centre is a ancient symbol used by many cultures around the world which represents solar systems and the sun.

We Have priced each item individually but happy to give a favourable price for the whole collection.

A.  Slate cabinet size : 15cm x 22cm x 5cm price £200.00

B. Chest of draws with three missing brass handles. Size : 18 x 22 x 6 price £200.00

C. Chest of draws with circles roundels on top section. Size : 19 x 22 x 7. price £180.00

D. slate Bureau with brass handles. and carved name Williams. Size : 12 x 15 x 7. price £420.00

E. chest of draws with circle decoration. size 18 x 26 x 5. price £220.00

F. Door stop with brass handle and circumpunct decoration. Size 14 x 15x 10. price £450.00

G. damaged slate family crest. size 18 x 16 x 4. £95.00

if you would like more images of any of the items listed above please email us.

H: 19cm (7in) | W: 22cm (9in) | D: 7cm (3in)
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