19Th Century Scottish Jig Doll.


A wonderful late 19th century Jig Doll dressed as a  comical Scottish Man  dressed in traditional clothing.Jig dolls are traditional wood or tin plate toys for adults or children. they are dolls with loose articulated limbs that step dance or jig on the end of a vibrating board or platform in imitation of a real step dancer.In London they were frequently operated by street entertainers or buskers.In England old soldiers from the Great War sometimes busked with them to supplement the meagre war pension.

This Jig doll still retains is original clothing and the legs  and shoes are beautifully carved and painted with tartan socks and the articulated joints work beautifully, in the back of the doll he has a hole tout the wooden stick to make him dance also he has a ebonised turned stand.

H: 37cm (15in) | W: 13cm (5in) | D: 13cm (5in)
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