19Th Century Cornish Slate Table.


A fascinating 19th Cornish slate carved slab dating 1862.  Carved into the slate reads: On the top edge “Religion & Temperance” and in the middle section “The Alliance Temperance Hall 1862” and on the bottom section: “Make Happy Homes” signed Mabbort Engr.

The Temperance Movement originated from Constantine in Cornwall and started in about 1830-40  they advocated and practised abstinence towards alcohol.

We believe the slate top originates from Constantine in Cornwall and was probably recessed into a wall of the meeting hall  or home and later on in its life reinvented into a table.  The slate sits on a cast iron base and has recently been burnished and polished.

H: 80cm (31in) | W: 122cm (48in) | D: 74cm (29in)

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