18Th Century Persian Khatam Kari Table Cabinet.


 18th century Persian table cabinet marquetry Khatam Kari  stars Middle East XVIIIth

   Astonishing 18th Persian table cabinet with marquetry called “Khatam Kari” * with mosaic decoration of stars and geometric patterns, the cabinet is far from perfect old repairs on most sides of the cabinet but still a beautiful  and rare object ! 

* Khatam kari

is a work of fine and meticulous marquetry, the oldest examples of which date back to the Safavid era: khatam was then so appreciated by the court that certain princes learned the technique as well as music, painting or calligraphy. The “Khatam-kari” is therefore the “work of inlays”. This technique consists of making patterns, most often star shapes, by inlaying fine wooden sticks (ebony, Teak, jujube, orange tree, rose), brass (for the golden parts), and camel bone (white parts). ). The decorated objects are legion: boxes, chess or backgammon games, frames, pipes, desks, or even musical instruments. The khatam can also be associated with the famous Persian miniatures, thus realizing works of art. Coming from techniques imported from China and magnified by Persian know-how, this craft has existed this craft has existed for over 700 years.


H: 22cm (9in) | W: 34cm (13in) | D: 24cm (9in)

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