17Th Century Irish Bog Oak Shillelagh.


A rare and ancient Irish bog oak root most probably used as a shillelagh. amazing  patina colour and weight, very sculptural in form.

  Originally oak, it lay in the peat bog land of Ireland for more than 5,000 years emerging into the Irish sunlight again infused with the colour of the earth. It is a piece of history, not only does it look beautiful, it feels beautiful with a depth of colour like the peat earth that was a home to it for so long.

Irish bog wood also known as “morta” can be descride as wood that was buried through time in peat boglands which through the lack of oxygen in the environment managed to preserve the wood from the natural process of decay. Not only is the wood preserved but it is coloured by the tannins naturally present in the acidic environment of the bog.


H: 68cm (27in) | W: 15cm (6in) | D: 12cm (5in)

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